Since last July, we’ve been working on updates and improvements to Adriana Books—putting the site and the blog in the same place and making the experience easier. These improvements also include a revamping of the appearance of the site. I hope that these changes will attract more readers to the site and more people who will write comments and engage in dialogue on the issues raised here.

The URL for the site is www.adrianabooks.com. There you’ll find all the posts that I have put up in the last four years, and a place to buy books. www.dwightcathcart.net will also direct you to this website.

I am interested in the same things I’ve always been interested in, coming out, the history of gay people, gay literature, gay politics, my own three novels—Ceremonies, Race Point Light, and Adam in the Morning—the current political war over marriage, assimilation and its dangers, among others. I’ll be writing about all these things—and more—in 2015 and be putting up my posts here on my new website.

On January 9, 2015, thirteen days from today, the Supreme Court will decide whether it will take up one of the marriage cases from the Sixth Circuit. This appears to be an endgame. Most people seem to believe that the justices will take at least one of these cases, with an opinion issued at the end of June, 2015. Aside from the intrinsic interest of the marriage cases, we appear to be looking at the beginning of new phase of the liberation of gay people. What will we focus on after marriage? The question is a difficult one, because we have never been here before. For the first time, the president of the United States has taken up the fight on our side. President Barack Obama has lead the fight to repeal DADT. He has refused to defend DOMA. And he has joined the ranks of those of us who were fighting the bans against marriage equality in federal district courts around the country. He has transformed the situation of gay people in America. Now the question is not merely Shall we have marriage equality? It is Is there any right that American citizens enjoy that can be denied gay people?

As I write, my husband, C, and I are waiting for my daughter and her guy to arrive for dinner and to spend the night. My son and I agreed in our last call on Thursday that our next item of business is when and where we’ll all get together again.

Life is good for us and for our whole community.