If you haven’t seen or read it, here is where you can find Michelle Obama’s speech today in New Hampshire. Video here. Text here. I would suppose you already know what she said. It has been widely covered in the press. But there are some speeches so important that they are worth coming back to in a quiet moment and allowing yourself to absorb every syllable and then keeping a copy of that you can resort to again and again in coming years. This speech confirms what I think America is about, and at the same time points us toward where we should be heading.

Read this and think how profoundly fortunate we Americans are at this moment, thirty days before the 2016 election, to have Michelle Obama as one of the leaders in our national conversation. She is, in herself, proof that our national discourse is ongoing, is just as profound and vibrant as it was in the days of Abigail Adams, and just as right as Eleanor Roosevelt. Think how fortunate we are to be living through these years‚ in which Michelle Obama will be followed by the first woman president, Hillary Clinton, and Americans can be certain that we can make progress and that we can hang on to what is best in us.