I think, the way this blog is developing, at least for now, that I will keep a few subjects running.

Two more holidays to get through before we can get back to work. Thanksgiving was fifteen or twenty of my partner’s family in a beautiful home on the coast of Connecticut. Last weekend was Holly Folly in Provincetown and the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus singing, and we had dinner with friends at a good restaurant to celebrate my partner’s birthday. The weather in both places was warm for the season and the sun was out. Christmas will be here in Boston because my partner will be working around the holidays. I am going this weekend to my daughter’s house where everybody is gathering—including my son and his family—because one of my daughter’s children will be dancing in The Nutcracker.

With all this holiday cheer, it is important to note that earlier this week, the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the case brought against Prop 8 in California. We don’t know yet. The cloture vote on the Defense Authorization Bill which included the repeal of DADT has now taken place and we have lost. Some say repeal of DADT is dead. Others say our single best hope for reviving it is Senator Lieberman. DOMA is still alive, and nobody seems to be taking any steps to kill it. Carl Joseph Walker Hoover is still dead, as is Tyler Clementi. And Charles Howard is still dead.

I didn’t mean to turn bitter, here, in the middle of the holiday season, but there it is. It’s like remembering all the men who died during the Reagan and Bush (1) administrations who wouldn’t have died if those presidents had been willing to fund and push prevention. Jesus. Hamlet said, “The time is out of joint!”