So, they took ‘em!

This puts us in a different place entirely. Now the Supreme Court has granted the petitions from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Having accepted that a split in the Circuit Courts is a bad thing, they pretty much had to, to resolve the split, and it gets increasingly difficult for SCOTUS to avoid a nationwide ruling on marriage. So now we are down to a judgment on the substantive issues—on the questions they defined when they granted the petitions, which the representatives of the states should address in their hearing. I got the certiorari grant from Towleroad, which got it from Scribd, but which I would think you can get from anywhere by now.

There is going to be plenty of time between now and late April—and then from late April to late June—to consider what the Supreme Court could do with these cases.

You might read a volume or two of In Search of Lost Time.