This is a story from Vox. The story is by Emily Stewart and can be found here. It is about an article written by Stephen Miller’s maternal uncle, David Glosser, which can be found here, who describes exactly how Miller’s family arrived in America. Miller’s family came here the same way most of us arrived here, escaping intolerable conditions there and facing intolerable conditions here, the difference being that here one could work to change one’s intolerable conditions. The only ones who didn’t come this way were the ones already here, the Native Americans. The nature of the “intolerable conditions” changed from person to person, and, of course, the intolerable conditions one was fleeing from were not the intolerable conditions one found, but in every case—all of them—they wished to make their lives better. That’s OK, and once the pattern is established, there is no moral way to say, “OK, folks, I came to make my life better, but we’re not going to let you do it.”

Stephen Miller is the senior policy advisor to the president and one of the ideologues pushing the administration’s hardline immigation policies. Specifically, he is a product of chain migration which he and the president condemn. As his uncle describes, Miller’s great-great-grandfather Wolf-Leib Glosser was the one who first came to America and then, over time, brought the rest of his family, which is OK, as long as you let everybody else do what you were allowed to do.

The details differ, but this is the way almost all of us came here. The difference in crossing the southern border is that potential immigrants are faced with hostile officials who want to keep them out, and that’s a shitty thing to do to people.