The Congress, at this moment, is delivering eulogies in the Capitol Rotunda. Somebody said, “A man of grace.” Vice-President Pence was moved to say, “He was a good man.” Well, no.

George Herbert Walker Bush, in his campaign for president, accepted the help of the infamous “Willie Horton ad.” It was the first “dog whistle”—that is, racist—ad in my lifetime, which is clearly not the ad of a “good man.” He followed it up with the “revolving door” ad, both attacking the Democratic nominee. All the racist presidents since George Herbert Walker Bush have followed in his footsteps. George Herbert Walker Bush was also a bigot. It was he who appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, said he was the best qualified man in the United States—and then, on national TV, laughed. He was opposed to marriage equality. And he didn’t do shit for AIDS prevention or for AIDS services. 

He was President of the United States from 1989 to 1992, not shit.