“et tu, Brute”

This is an interesting moment, and the stakes are high. Most of the main-stream media have taken it upon themselves to condemn the Public Theatre’s Julius Caesar for presenting Julius Caesar as Donald Trump. (He’s assassinated.) Two very large corporations have...

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January 20, 2017

Many people are quoting Martin Luther King’s “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” And many people believe that means that eventually things are going to get better. But you know that’s bullshit. There is no “moral universe.” And we...

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My books, money, value, the somber truth

I read an article on Slate today on writing and money, and it compels me to respond. The point of the article is the fact that so few writers actually make any money at their writing. Just about all writers are supported by doing something else, like teaching, and yet...

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Watching over us

One of the ironies of these days is a video image that shows up every evening on the evening news. The Trump organization has not provided many opportunities for the press to photograph the president-elect as he goes about putting together an administration. The major...

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The political novel: 3

At the time I started writing my first gay political novel, I had only been out for 24 months, and I was steeping in the literature of gay political theory. The weekend that Charles Howard was murdered (July 7, 1984)—he was the man on whom Bernie Mallett of Ceremonies...

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The political novel: 2

Even though I didn’t have many extended, free-wheeling conversations with friends about the military’s rules against my serving (I served anyway), still the fact that what I was doing sexually was a crime occupied me deeply. A novel about me during the sixties in...

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January 2021