My penis, settled upon the backside of Sam’an…

it was wanting a two-sided kind of…hospitality.

I had never had a host that was better at hosting

than that backside of that boy Sam’an: honestly!

I turned into him…and if you had watched him,

anointing head of my horse by hand, handsomely.

I begged him to not let his hair fly from his head,

for…he was not going to be a whore, just for me!

Then he replied, “Stop asking me, just let it come

and rub under my balls, rub my pebbles…gently.”

He stayed the night, receiving gifts and favours,

near the pool, surrounded by the garden…lovely!

Back at his house, not even a fly could enter it…

it was guarded by my cock and his balls…tightly.

Upon the Day of Judgment I will be asked about

my pleasure in the house of Sam’an by the Almighty.

Abu Nuwas (c. 757-814)


For an introduction to the poetry of Abu Nuwas, you may follow this link, where you may read that “Abu Nuwas was one of the greatest classical Arab poets.”



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